(and their abbreviations)

BB=blackbox, or the darkroom. usually the image starts as a photogram, or the direct print of an x-ray film.

WB=whitebox, the digital computer. some software-digital drawing or imaging program was used to create the image. often the second phase in transforming a scanned photogram, x-ray, or drawing made outside the computer.

PG=photogram, objects placed directly on photographic paper, exposed to visible light

CAMERA=taken with a pinhole, stereographic, zenographic,35mm,  2 1/4 Hasselblad. or Polaroid camera

SC=scan, a digital scanner was used to obtain a working image

XRAY=an xray taken, and developed, printed or scanned by me

HP=handprinted in my darkroom

SB=service bureau, sent out for commercial printing

CC=copymachine, a paper copy or a transparency of some existing image is manipulated in the darkroom.

LJ=laserjet printer, a paper print, or printed transparency, a printout onto laserjet photo-quality paper.

CT=color tint, sepia, berg's products, oil tints, oil color pencils etc. -bleaching also.

B=burnished, heat treated so the emulsion expands-an embossed effect that resembles sepia tones.

COLL=collage, cutting gluing, pasting--sometimes called....

PAR=parquet, if the entire composition is covered by pieces of photomaterials.

DVC=digital video capture, tape, laserdisc, DVD, TV, or cable into a video card, frame captured.

AVC=analog video capture-a digital camera, or video camera, or conventional camera or scanner, copying the TV screen image, a projected movie image, a slide projected image, an overhead projector image or drawing, or combination of the above.



I am a self-taught photographer. My son taking a beginner's black and white class in the fall of '98 prompted me to put my darkroom back together after a twenty year lapse. I completed 250 finished prints using only the photogram process in the next five months, and then began doing xrays in May of '99. Most of the color photographs originated in black and white photograms, x-rays, or scans from pattern books. A partial list of artists who  have impacted my vision: Picasso, Braque, Bearden, Magritte, Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray, Coltrane, Miles Davis, Mingus, Claxton, the x-ray artists Seiju Toda, Steven N. Meyers, and Dr. Albert G. Richards, and the art glass master Lino Tagliapietra! I need to thank the photography teacher at my son's school , Mr. Adair Hinds for inspiration, and Dr. Pete Milostan; a friendly neighborhood chiropractor who let a stranger experiment with his x-ray equipment! Thanks.

    The year of 2000 was a busy one. I Got into 5 major art festivals in the southeast Michigan area, had a one man exhibit entitled "OBLIQUE OBJECTIVES" that displayed my 3D sculpture-photographs for the first time. After talking with computer artist Kenneth Huff last year at the Art Beats and Eats Festival, I began doing 3D modeling. I also started experimenting with fractals and will be getting back into true stereoscopic 3D photography for the first time in 20 years. I was the Feature Artist for the month of August 2000 at the online photo Mag Photo Resources, and this February had a Portfolio accepted by the fine folks at Zonezero.com They do a great job don't they?


                                                                                       -ROBERT BARTLEY
























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